At SRC we collaborate with the following organizations:

Food Bank

A non-profit which contributes to reduce hunger, manage nutrition, and prevent food waste. Its mission is to help “help the hungry” and they do so by receiving donations of both food and products and financial support that allow the organization to provide nutritious food for those in need.


Through a network of more than 1,000 social organizations located in the city of Buenos Aires and its surrounding metropolitan area, they collaborate with feeding more than 140.000 people per day.

Argentine Red Cross

The Red Cross is a humanitarian and voluntary civil association. Its location in Argentina is part of the International Red Cross worldwide network and Red Crescent Movement, the largest non-profit in the world with presence in more than 191 countries. 


The organization works with community members to reduce societal risk and develop personal health and holistic growth. The organization also conducts training on first aid and health education training among vulnerable areas of the community, promoting societal well-being.

Fundación Cardiológica Argentina

This is an organization formed by members of the Argentine Society of Cardiology in the 1970’s. It is affiliated with the World Heart Federation and the Inter-American Heart Foundation. Its main goal is to educate both society and health professionals, as well as providing resources for those who wish to study in areas related to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Nowadays the organization is also assisting in research related to the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. 



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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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