Verónica Dannemann


A determined and focused leader who cultivates relationships based on respect and trust.  Ensures that the team and the system are aligned with the strategy.  Her critical and logical thinking and enthusiasm have been a decisive management approach in standardizing, organizing, and designing a comprehensive software for the reinsurance activity.

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Change manager: responsible for the progress and evolution of the company. Inspires and mobilizes employees to improve their level of performance and to work with pride for what they do and for the company they represent. 


Veronica started working at the age of 19 in the tourism industry as part of the passenger services staff of SAS Scandinavian Airlines.  From the age of 25 to 30 she had four daughters to whom she dedicated her full time until the age of 33. It was then that she returned to her professional career in SRC Re, an opportunity that offered her a perfect balance between motherhood and entrepreneurship.  


Committed to excellence, contractual certainty, and with great logical capacity she was able to materialize written procedures that were certified under ISO 9001 for fifteen consecutive years. As a Functional Analyst, she has created the software used in SRC Re for all commercial, operational and administrative reinsurance intermediation activities. From 2014 to 2018, Veronica dedicated herself to making the processes more flexible. She has planned the changes and executed them. She delegated great responsibilities and modified the organizational structure. She has also built strong working relationships with key personnel, relating to them with authenticity in order to create a sense of trust, belonging, and community. 


Her purpose is to lead the company into the future and new generations, making the necessary changes and improvements to guarantee permanence and stability